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Well, you choose whether I'm a girl or a boy. I signed up purely because I wanted to show the public what my works are like. I need comments! And I make blogskins too... My Photoshop's basically for making banners (for fun) and blogskins (for fun). I'm 14, nothing much you can do with Photoshop except for those. :/ So, anyway, I'll need comments for my works please!
Name Charlie! Alex! Ashton! Robin! Really, it's YOUR choice
Ethnicity Asian
Interests capsmanga, capsanime, capsdrawing
Music capschanges from time to time
Movies capspirates of the carribean
TV capsfriends
Quotes "Over my dead and maggot-infested body." Quoted from Nakahara Sunako, Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge illustrated and written by Tomoyo Hayakawa


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